The picturesque view of Bromo Tengger and Semeru Mountain is renowned worldwide. Bromo Mountain, as an active volcano, stands tall 2,392 meters above sea level. It is surrounded by sands offering scenic and epic sunrise for early risers, domestic and foreign visitors.

The distinctive noise of the afternoon motor became commonplace in the market for MMTC, Medan City. Everyone in the market is familiar with the sound of engines used to attract the devil tong in the night market at MMTC. Satanic barrel attractions are a popular pastime for visitors to the fair, especially if a woman's speed is a thrill for onlookers.

It should be when a fight starts with an issue. But this is something else, under the slogan of  "Top of the opponent, Below friend," the fight culture passed down by its early nanny to a student in the religious school Lirboyo, Kediri, East Java, it's uniquely unique.

 That night felt different. The road to the village of Glagah down, city of Malang, was suddenly crowded with merchants and people who were about to watch the puppet masks. A performance with the bracing gumregah puppy wetan puppets masks was a shelving event in order and intended for the village to be built on one stage.

    "Being a drag queen is not one option, but it's the fate of the streets of the almighty." First, a brief statement emerging from one of the transvestites in the gede Yogyakarta city message lodge. Hearing the word that the transvestite of many of the people has a negative view but is different from that of a group of transvestites located in the Fatah city's gede Yogyakarta palace.