Different Choice

          “Being a drag queen is not one option, but it’s the fate of the streets of the almighty.” First, a brief statement emerging from one of the transvestites in the gede Yogyakarta city message lodge. Hearing the word that the transvestite of many of the people has a negative view but is different from that of a group of transvestites located in the Fatah city’s gede Yogyakarta palace. They are well received by the people around them, even the presence of transvestites under Mrs. Shinta, which brings a positive change to people’s consistently negative views of transvestites.

         There is a lot of tension with the existence of the Fatah drag hut, but it is hard work and the spirit of the drag hut to show that it is not always negative. It can be seen from the brags of positive activities they often take with ordinary people in Yogyakarta. Moreover, in a religious sense, they continue to exercise the proper guidance of religion and do good with fellow humans. This type of outlook should be noted, especially by a group of transvestites throughout Indonesia, so that the presence of transvestites is not always viewed only in a negative way.