Ngadas, the Abode of Tenggerese

          The picturesque view of Bromo Tengger and Semeru Mountain is renowned worldwide. Bromo Mountain, as an active volcano, stands tall 2,392 meters above sea level. It is surrounded by sands offering scenic and epic sunrise for early risers, domestic and foreign visitors.

          Witnessing its natural beauty, visitors are pampered even more by the indigenous culture of its residents, Tenggerese. Ngadas, the Abode of Tenggerese, is a village located in Poncokusumo District, Malang Regency, East Java, Indonesia. This village is located 48 kilometers from the heart of Malang Regency. Out of 37 villages within the coverage of Bromo-Semeru vicinity as part of Malang Regency, Ngadas is one of which and the place where Tengger Tribe resides. The unique trait of this village is that it is lived by merely Tenggerese, with no migrants are in. There has been a baseline rule in which locals own the lands in their complete proprietorship. Despite the strict control to abide by, Tenggerese are well-known for their hospitality. The key to their identity is Sarong crafted in local motives, worn around the body to protect from the piercing cold.

         Most of Tenggerese are farming on their lands by the slope of the Mountain. Potatoes and leeks are abundant, in addition to cattle. Living amidst diverse beliefs, Tenggerese are set to be in harmony. Cooperation constitutes their convention. Not only are the nature view and indigenous culture worth noting, but also Kasodo Festival, Hari Raya Karo, Unan-unit, and a lot more meaningful events in Ngadas are there to offer to capture.