Pencak Dor, “Top Of The Opponent, Below Friend”

          It should be when a fight starts with an issue. But this is something else, under the slogan of  “Top of the opponent, Below friend,” the fight culture passed down by its early nanny to a student in the religious school Lirboyo, Kediri, East Java, it’s uniquely unique. The martial arts culture among the student has been seared in their everyday lives. For the practitioners of the student, being “Pencak Dor” is a level for silat intelligence. If there are problems between neighbors, a duel is a solution. In this match, nobody loses and wins at the end of the game. After the game, they all got back together in the years of the boarding school routine.

          Pencak dor themselves were a fighting culture of a student, on a 6×6 meter stage surrounded by bamboo, two silat warriors fighting freely with various skills. There are no special body rules and protection in this fight, threatening a professional fighter who follows them. Pencak dor fights freely against this bamboo ring, brutal and bloody. Show guides don’t hesitate to yell at soldiers to use their feet and hands if heroes feel that they are too careful.

          The event “Pencak Dor” is historical of the figure of KH. Muhammad Abdullah Maksum Jauhari or known to the student community as Gus Maksum. He was a Kiai Jauhari son, a nanny of boarding school Kanigoro, Kediri City. The religious boarding school has been observed in the history of the repression of the Indonesian community (PKI) in Kediri City, where at that mass, the PKI trampled the Koran in the courtyard of the boarding school mosque and what is known as Kanigoro.