Woman In The Devil Barrel

The distinctive noise of the afternoon motor became commonplace in the market for MMTC, Medan City. Everyone in the market is familiar with the sound of motors used for the attraction of the devil tong in the night market at MMTC. Satanic barrel attractions are a popular pastime for visitors to the fair, especially if a woman’s speed is a thrill for onlookers. The island of Sumatra could be said to have over a hundred scoring devil tong specialist racers more like women. Like Fabrika Fitria (21), this native woman of Riau is one of some of satan’s tong jockers present at the island market of Sumatra. Rika began to become a vicious tong jockey after graduating from school and decided to work independently for money by working on the entertainment market. Starting from a curiosity about the game of the devil tong and getting the confidence to become a devil tong jockey.

Falling from altitude is commonplace for this woman, as any jockey can be. With a system for every week to produce, rika could earn some wages, RP 300,000 / week. The ticket sales window became a residence for all the teams participating in the entertainment fair. The work done by rika was not just as it had been for women in general, but just as it was for women in general, the work every morning went from cleaning rooms, washing clothes, shopping for groceries in the market to preparing meals for the entire team working on the night market, as was the average housework of housewives.